Below is a list of the Escape Rooms I’ve played roughly in order of MY favorite to least favorite by city. Note: I especially enjoy horror, paranormal & magic themed escape rooms and recently realized I don’t enjoy physical puzzles like moving furniture or fishing for keys very much, so my preferences may be different than yours. Feel free to tweet me questions. 


Denver Escape Room: Pipeworks (now called Puzzle Effect)

Epic Escape Game: Conspiracy Theory

Conundrum Escape Rooms: Mystic Chamber

EscapeWorks Denver: Egyptian Tomb


R.I.P. these games are no longer around

Epic Escape Game: Pikes Peak or Bust: Colorado’s Gold Rush

Epic Escape Game: The Grand Theatre Presents: The Mustache Thief

Epic Escape Game: Dorm of the Dead (original)

Epic Escape Game: Sweet Dreams

Q The Live Escape Experience: The Asylum

Puzzah! Kazam!

Puzzah! Tick Tock

EscapeWorks Denver: The Big Game


  1. We tried Puzzah! Kazam! in October, introducing a friend to escape rooms. Now , he keeps talking about doing another when we return. Looks like we should check out Tick Tock and Pike’s Peak or Bust when we return to Colorado this October.


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