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I’m Christine. I’m a gal obsessed with haunts, escape rooms and other oddities. That’s what this blog is dedicated to. Most of my entries will be about the west coast since that is where I live, however I also love to travel. Thanks for stopping by.

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This game is contained within shipping containers. It’s rather first generation in design, but still fun. It would’ve been a lot of fun a few years ago, but doesn’t really hold up among the intense Los Angeles competition. I still recommend playing as long as it’s not a hot summer day.

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I had the honor this year to be part of the expert panel for USAToday’s 10Best where I nominated escape rooms & haunted attractions for their annual list.

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ESCAPE ROOMS- Hatch Escapes – CA

Hatch Escapes

I had the pleasure of Beta Testing a portion of this game in the early stages and then to play the full game in it’s entirety today. It is a private booking game, so bring your friends. This game is unique in it’s immersive yet pre-recorded storytelling. It’s basically another mad scientist story at the core, but it has an unusual twist as I’m sure you could tell by the name Lab Rat. There are stunning props and set design. The scenario allows for all puzzles to “fit” into the world because it’s a test subject situation which allows for much more leeway. I like that the designers tried to use all senses in the game. There were definitely a few issues with the tech during our gameplay today. The customer service was great and our game-master was outstanding! He did an incredible job and really worked to make sure the glitches didn’t ruin our experience. The flow of this game doesn’t really appeal to me personally. It is very well done and intentional, but I find this style of game a bit on the frustrating side. Don’t get me wrong, it definitely had clever moments. I quite enjoyed the physical puzzles that were plentiful. Overall I think it is a good game for all levels and ages. It is by far one of the most unique games in SoCal.



ESCAPE ROOMS- Black Market Escape Rooms Murder Co – CA


Black Market Escape Rooms Murder Co is an incredible experience! This year round immersive haunted attraction is perfectly executed. The artists are top notch. The set and props are great. The puzzles are fun. The sense of urgency is spot on. The mix of horror and comedic moments are blended wonderfully. I loved MurderCo and highly recommend it!