ESCAPE ROOMS – Orion’s Ridiculous Revenge – Online

ESCAPE ROOMS – Orion’s Ridiculous Revenge – Online

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Orion’s Ridiculous Revenge is an incredibly fun and highly interactive virtual escape room. You play for free, but I highly encourage you to make a donation!

Your team will be communicating with Orion the cat throughout the game to assist him in his plot to get revenge on a certain human in order to protect himself, his home and Miss Jezebel.

We played this very fun, adult themed online escape room with friends in the final beta. The puzzles are great. Set, props, story, characters and theme are all outstanding. I highly recommend playing this game with friends once the kiddos have gone to bed. 😉

Time slots will fill up fast!!! Book today!

ANNOUNCEMENT: The creators of Society of Curiosities present: The Fairy Tale Files

The creators of Society of Curiosities present: The Fairy Tale Files.

From the Society of Curiosities:

We are thrilled to announce a Kickstarter project : The Fairy Tale Files — lighthearted murder mystery adventures based on iconic fairy tales!

We’ve had a blast working on this project for the last few months. We’re developing storylines and puzzles that are whimsical and quirky, bringing your favorite fairy tales to life… With a murdery twist!

This is a separate project from the Society of Curiosities adventures you know and love, but we believe you’ll find the same care, fun, and delight when you play the Fairy Tale Files murder mystery games.