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*Christine Barger (aka The Haunt Girl) became an escape room creator & owner in 2021 at Exit Game OC in Anaheim CA. Opinions given by thehauntgirl are uniquely those of Christine & do not reflect the opinions of the escape game company.


hey everybody it’s Christine the haunt girl and today I am talking about film Noir The Case of the dark Rose an escape game at escape games PDX in Portland Oregon

if you’re new to my Channel please take a moment to hit subscribe to Notifications alright thank you all that already subscribe and check out my blog yay okay so my friends and I were at Rose City Comic Con and we were like we need an escape room play and we found this one and so we like took an Uber over so this is kind of dodgy looking area in the middle of nowhere Portland and it was awesome okay so the game is set in the 1950s it’s a two to six player game it’s very traditional and gameplay as far as puzzle style and structure um we had a blast uh my friends also love escape rooms and so we kind of blew through some of the puzzles we definitely had some struggles on our binding searching moments although one of my friends thankfully is much better at searching and finding than I am uh and uh we had a really good time the theme is a really fun 1950s like you’re a gum shoe you’re there trying to solve a murder what happened who done it uh it’s really fun in the way that they’ve Incorporated the theme into the puzzles there were some really fun things that I hadn’t seen quite like they did it before um I really really loved the use of lighting in one of the puzzles and how they did that and I also loved just how well they had decorated the room and Incorporated all of the set pieces and the props and stuff into the game in a very organic way overall really really fun um well thought out fun enough story you discover and unravel the story as you go and just a really good time so I hope you’ll go check them out I’ll put the link down in the description below thanks for watching you can see more at my blog and uh also you can find me on all the social medias @thehauntgirl thanks for watching

ESCAPE ROOMS – Edaqa’s Room: Carnival – Online

  • Title: Edaqa’s Room: Carnival
  • Homepage:
  • Quick Description: A Puzzling adventure at the Carnival.
  • Flavour Text: The Carnival is coming and you’re definitely going! Rumour has it that a secret society is hiding there, luring potential members with puzzles spread over the fair grounds. Come; show your mettle; beat the carnies at their own games.
  • Game Style: Similar to a point-and-click adventure, though less story and more puzzles.
  • Multiplayer: 2-4 players in cooperative multiplayer. Solo play also works, but team play is encouraged. There is no technical player limit, though beyond four it gets busy.
  • Regular Price: $12.50
  • Players: 1-4, though multiplay is preferred to solo play
  • Requirements: Firefox, Chrome, or newest Edge browser
  • Playtime: Teams averaged around 90 minutes. There is no game timer: players may take as long as they like, even leave and come back.
  • Release Date: November 13, 2020


ANNOUNCEMENT- The Scarab’s Curse – Online

Clue Chase has just revealed their latest breakthrough escape room product, “The Scarab’s Curse”.

The Scarab’s Curse is the latest offering from the Manhattan-based game company. Having specialized in in-person entertainment for the last five years, Covid presented Clue Chase with a unique challenge. How can the fun and excitement of an escape room be translated into a game that can be played remotely, while in isolation?

Clue Chase’s in-house team of game designers have spent the last eight months dedicated to solving this puzzle, and they are very pleased with what they’ve come up with. The transition to an online-only environment for this game has allowed them to present information to players in entirely new ways – utilizing the Unity engine to present video game elements, and a myriad of webpages, real and fake, for the players to delve into in order to solve the mystery.

The game takes place on the set of 1939 Hollywood’s latest blockbuster, “The Scarab’s Curse”. The lead actress has just been found murdered, and the producers believe a member of the crew may be to blame. In order to prevent public panic and a possible PR disaster, the producers have locked down the studio and hired a P.I. firm, which is where you come in. You and your team will take on the role of these private investigators,dig through the studio lot for clues, learn everything you can about the cast and crew, and apply that knowledge to solving the murder.

“The Scarab’s Curse” can be played with a team of up to four players, the total cost of the game is $40 (just $10 per player)! The game can be played remotely, using a client such as Zoom, or in person, with your pod or family. It should take roughly one hour to complete, and a system of clues is available to help players who may feel stuck. Only one person in your group needs to purchase access to the game, as that player will receive a set of codes to share with the other members of their team, enabling them to play. Access to a laptop or desktop, preferably with the Chrome browser, is also required. 

For more information about the Scarab’s Curse, or their in person escape rooms, which have recently reopened, please refer to their website at

ANNOUNCEMENT- Not Another Escape Room – CA

Join Scrooge as he confronts his past, present, and future in an escape room inspired by A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.

Not Another Escape Room is very excited to announce their newest game: A Christmas Carol. This game replaced their first game, Designers’ Studio, and will be there for the rest of 2020.

This is a 1 hour game for up to 6 players and has a medium level difficulty.

Visit their website to book your game today!

ESCAPE ROOMS – Orion’s Ridiculous Revenge – Online

ESCAPE ROOMS – Orion’s Ridiculous Revenge – Online

60 OUT

Orion’s Ridiculous Revenge is an incredibly fun and highly interactive virtual escape room. You play for free, but I highly encourage you to make a donation!

Your team will be communicating with Orion the cat throughout the game to assist him in his plot to get revenge on a certain human in order to protect himself, his home and Miss Jezebel.

We played this very fun, adult themed online escape room with friends in the final beta. The puzzles are great. Set, props, story, characters and theme are all outstanding. I highly recommend playing this game with friends once the kiddos have gone to bed. 😉

Time slots will fill up fast!!! Book today!

ANNOUNCEMENT: The creators of Society of Curiosities present: The Fairy Tale Files

The creators of Society of Curiosities present: The Fairy Tale Files.

From the Society of Curiosities:

We are thrilled to announce a Kickstarter project : The Fairy Tale Files — lighthearted murder mystery adventures based on iconic fairy tales!

We’ve had a blast working on this project for the last few months. We’re developing storylines and puzzles that are whimsical and quirky, bringing your favorite fairy tales to life… With a murdery twist!

This is a separate project from the Society of Curiosities adventures you know and love, but we believe you’ll find the same care, fun, and delight when you play the Fairy Tale Files murder mystery games.