ODDITIES – Jurassic Planet at the LA County Fair – CA

I’ve never been particularly interested in dinosaurs, but I heard about Jurassic Planet and my curiosity got the best of me. I’m glad it did. 

For only a small $5 up charge to your fair admisssion you can walk among 40 life sized realistic animatronic dinosaurs. It pretty darn cool! I know they aren’t actually real dinosaurs (except for a few live creatures on display such as an emu, alligator and tortoise), but they seem pretty real if you let your imagination run wild. I found myself wanting to pet them and at one point talking in “baby talk” to a few adorable animatronic baby dinos. 

I really enjoyed Jurrasic Planet and wanted to share it here. I also recorded a bit of my experience which you can watch from YouTube below. 

Congratulations 2016 Skeleton Key Award Winners

Congratulations 2016 Skeleton Key Award Winners


Congratulations to all of the 2016 Skeleton Key Award winners!

The following games are all incredibly fun and unique in their own ways. Below you can see them listed by the category in which they shine especially bright.













Family Fun:


1st Gen:







Competition Room:


Set Design:


ESCAPE ROOMS -60out: Titanic – California

60out: Titanic

I have never been aboard the Titanic, but I have explored the Queen Mary ship while ghost hunting and let me say that when I entered this Titanic themed escape room I felt like I was actually below deck on a real ship. The set design is incredible. I really did forget that I was in a building in Marina Del Rey during game play because it is so well decorated. The puzzles are integrated into the story seamlessly. This game has very few traditional locks. Instead you are solving puzzles in a way that feels organic to the storytelling. The puzzles are challenging and unique enough for experienced players, but logical in a way new players can still solve and enjoy. I love the creativity they use in creating puzzles that are actual activities you might do on a ship. I also quite enjoy the way they took a common puzzle I have seen a hundred times and recreated it as a large prop that belongs on a ship. Overall the room is well designed, immersive, used creative puzzles to forward the storytelling and has beautiful set decor. It is everything you could ask for in an amazing escape game.

60out is one of the top escape room companies in the nation and they keep expanding, creating new games that are each more impressive than the previous. I highly recommend this and their other escape rooms.


Below is a list of the Escape Rooms I’ve played roughly in order of MY favorite to least favorite by city. Note: I especially enjoy horror, paranormal & magic themed escape rooms and recently realized I don’t enjoy physical puzzles like moving furniture or fishing for keys very much, so my preferences may be different than yours. Feel free to tweet me questions. 


Denver Escape Room: Pipeworks (now called Puzzle Effect)

Epic Escape Game: Conspiracy Theory

Conundrum Escape Rooms: Mystic Chamber

EscapeWorks Denver: Egyptian Tomb


R.I.P. these games are no longer around

Epic Escape Game: Pikes Peak or Bust: Colorado’s Gold Rush

Epic Escape Game: The Grand Theatre Presents: The Mustache Thief

Epic Escape Game: Dorm of the Dead (original)

Epic Escape Game: Sweet Dreams

Q The Live Escape Experience: The Asylum

Puzzah! Kazam!

Puzzah! Tick Tock

EscapeWorks Denver: The Big Game


Below is a list of the Escape Rooms I’ve played organized in order of MY favorite to least favorite in each city. Note: I especially enjoy horror, paranormal & magic themed escape rooms, so my preferences may be different than yours. Feel free to tweet me questions. 



Eludesions – Mad Hatter’s Tea Party


The Great Room Escape – Spell Bound

Escape Zone AZ: Rush Hour


Escape the Room AZ: The Submarine

R.I.P. the following games are no longer around

Epic Escape Game: Top Dog

Epic Escape Game: Blood Thirst

Epic Escape Game: Fortune Teller

PanIQ Room: Wild West

PanIQ Room: Kidnapped

Epic Escape Game: The Whimsical Library

Escape Westgate – Bill & Ted’s Excellent Escape Room

Phoenix Puzzle Room: Competition Room

Phoenix Puzzle Room: The Curse of Madame Lumina

Escape Zone AZ: The Inheritance

Escape Zone AZ: Jail Break

The Sleuth Box: The Study

Escape This Live: Queen Anne’s Revenge

Escape Adventure: Escape the Dead

Dare to Escape AZ: X-Child

Escape the Room AZ: Rec Room

Baffled Escape Rooms: The Trap