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*Christine Barger (aka The Haunt Girl) became an escape room creator & owner in 2021 at Exit Game OC in Anaheim CA. Opinions given by thehauntgirl are uniquely those of Christine & do not reflect the opinions of the escape game company.


hey everybody it’s Christine the haunt girl and today I am talking about film Noir The Case of the dark Rose an escape game at escape games PDX in Portland Oregon

if you’re new to my Channel please take a moment to hit subscribe to Notifications alright thank you all that already subscribe and check out my blog yay okay so my friends and I were at Rose City Comic Con and we were like we need an escape room play and we found this one and so we like took an Uber over so this is kind of dodgy looking area in the middle of nowhere Portland and it was awesome okay so the game is set in the 1950s it’s a two to six player game it’s very traditional and gameplay as far as puzzle style and structure um we had a blast uh my friends also love escape rooms and so we kind of blew through some of the puzzles we definitely had some struggles on our binding searching moments although one of my friends thankfully is much better at searching and finding than I am uh and uh we had a really good time the theme is a really fun 1950s like you’re a gum shoe you’re there trying to solve a murder what happened who done it uh it’s really fun in the way that they’ve Incorporated the theme into the puzzles there were some really fun things that I hadn’t seen quite like they did it before um I really really loved the use of lighting in one of the puzzles and how they did that and I also loved just how well they had decorated the room and Incorporated all of the set pieces and the props and stuff into the game in a very organic way overall really really fun um well thought out fun enough story you discover and unravel the story as you go and just a really good time so I hope you’ll go check them out I’ll put the link down in the description below thanks for watching you can see more at my blog and uh also you can find me on all the social medias @thehauntgirl thanks for watching