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Zoe is an incredibly scary and fun adventure conveniently located in the heart of the Vegas Strip. Playing Zoe is like stepping into your own role in a real life scary movie. It’s puzzles, storytelling, scares and fun all in one place. I was impressed with the set design, props, puzzles and staff. They really nailed the set-up and scare pattern that works so well in horror. I especially love that final memory the guests leave with, not only is it visually stunning but it’s heightened by the fear in that moment. It is a fun experience for anyone that enjoys a bit of a fright. I highly recommend Zoe for beginners and escape room enthusiasts alike.

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Below is a list of the Escape Rooms I’ve played roughly in order of MY favorite to least favorite. Note: I prefer strong storytelling and immersion, especially in horror, paranormal & magic themed escape rooms, so my preferences may be different than yours. Feel free to write to me Twitter @christinebarger or Instagram @TheHauntGirl


Escape Factor – Bonus Funtime Gameshow Challenge

Escape Artistry – Duck & Cover

Escape Artistry – The Railcar

Escape Factor – The Waiting Room of Dr. Awk C. Abmoor

Vault – Missing Ringmaster

*Escape Factor – Lobby Mini-Challenge (A fun game to play in the lobby)


ESCAPE ROOMS – Espionage Escape Rooms – Indiana

ESCAPE ROOMS – Espionage Escape Rooms – Indiana

Espionage Escape Rooms Pharaoh Game 

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The Pharaoh Game at Espionage Escape Rooms is a topnotch escape room that could hold it’s own in a much more competitive market than Northern Indiana. I was pleasantly surprised by this game. My team consisted of my parents and myself. They’ve played a few other games with me over the years.

We were transported to the Pharaoh’s tomb as we entered the game. The room was beautifully decorated to look like a tomb complete with a bit of sand on the floor. The props in the room reacted to our actions, as well as a few standard locks. However most of the puzzles were very well integrated into the theme and story. I especially enjoyed one prop that was built in a unique way that I hadn’t experienced quite like that before. I always love when a designer can surprise me. The puzzles were all very logical and fun. There is a small amount of searching that could be easier with a larger group, but our group of three had no problem with a small nudge from the game master.

The owner was our game master and she was very professional and passionate about the industry. I’m excited to play her next game when I am back in town for the holidays.

I highly recommend Espionage Escape Rooms!

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