ESCAPE ROOMS- Hatch Escapes – CA

Hatch Escapes This game has a clever concept, however the storytelling left a bit to be desired. It’s basically another mad scientist story at the core. It gets away using puzzles that don’t need to fit the storytelling because the entire game is just a test anyway. I like that the designers tried to use all senses in the game. There were definitely issues with one of the major puzzles and flow of the game. We also had a heavy ball accidentally come flying out of it’s secure location in a dangerous manner, but that too should hopefully be fixed by now. Unfortunately they paired us with another group of strangers and we spent much of the game trying to navigate the space with such a large group and constantly colliding into each other. Overall, it showed potential. I played an earlier beta version, so they were still working out the kinks. We were invited to play the first half of the game in exchange for our feedback. I was waiting to write my review until I was able to play the full game once testing was complete as they verbally offered us the opportunity to come back again while we were at the location. I recently followed up with them and they are stating that is not the case. I explained to them that I would be writing this based on the experience I had with the company and the game as it was when we played it. I don’t like to pay to play a game I’ve already played a large part of unless it was spectacular because I already know all of those puzzles. What I saw of it was not spectacular, so unfortunately I cannot comment of the current state of the game except to say many other people like it but often complain of tech issues.