ANNOUNCEMENT: Halloween Fun Pack Project

MILLSBORO, DE—As millions throughout the U.S. determine how best to celebrate the summer during the COVID-19 pandemic, one man has his sights set on Halloween.

Jason Rhodes, founder of the Halloween Fun Pack Project, hopes to provide up to 1,000 free “fun packs” with candy, stickers, trading cards, activity pages and more this October to children throughout the U.S. who may be unable to trick-or-treat due to COVID-19.

“Most people at this time of the year normally are thinking about beaches and vacations, not jack-o-lanterns and skeletons,” said Rhodes. “To make this project a reality, however, likely will require months of fundraising, which is why it’s important to start now.”

Rhodes is no stranger to starting Halloween planning early. For nine years, he organized Treat Street, a safe Halloween trick-or-treating event in Salisbury, MD, that required months of advance planning and a similar fundraising commitment to serve hundreds of children annually.

Established in response to parents concerned about taking their children trick-or-treating door-to-door following an increase in reported crime, that project was named the No. 1 youth event in the nation by JCI USA, then known as the U.S. Junior Chamber of Commerce.

“The goal then was similar to the goal of this project: to provide children with a sense of normalcy and enjoyment during what may be an otherwise disappointing time for them due to circumstances beyond their control.”

Rhodes hopes to raise $4,200 to support the Halloween Fun Pack Project through crowdfunding and sponsorships. A GoFundMe site with information on donor incentives and more is available at

“All of the donor incentives play on the Halloween and monster theme, and most are exclusive to this project,” said Rhodes. “Several artists throughout the country, whose work has been featured by comic book and trading card companies such as Topps, Upper Deck, Leaf and Cryptozoic, are providing original art for donors in the way of signed monster- and horror-themed sketch cards. It has been exciting to see their interpretations of the genre.”

Sketch card artists signed on for the project so far include Rob Floyd of Portsmouth, VA; Justin Girard of Sayreville, NJ; Andrew Lopez of Whittier, CA; Clay Sayre of Dawsonville, GA; and Eric Sobel of Toledo, OH.

Parents may register children age 12 and under to receive a free fun pack beginning in September. Packs will be mailed the week of October 25 on a first-come, first-served basis in the order registrations are received.

“The goal is to send 1,000, but it all depends on funding,” said Rhodes. “Based on whether we meet or exceed our fundraising target, we could end up sending fewer or a whole lot more.”

And what if COVID-19 doesn’t turn out to be a problem this Halloween?

“Then we’ll join the world in celebrating,” said Rhodes. “However, with some states and jurisdictions already saying schools may not reopen until at least January and health officials predicting the virus may spike again in the fall, I think most people are anticipating that COVID-19 unfortunately is still going to be with us in some form this Halloween.

“Even if government or municipal orders don’t shut down trick-or-treating, I think there are going to be more than a few parents who will be concerned about the germ factor of accepting candy from unknown households. And there will always be children unable to trick-or-treat due to other considerations, such as general safety and medical conditions. I’m proud that this project will help fill that need. The more smiles we can put on kids’ faces this Halloween, the better.”

For more information visit the Halloween Fun Pack Project website at

ESCAPE ROOMS – CIA Taskforce: The Gamer Remote Escape Room Review

ESCAPE ROOMS – CIA Taskforce: The Gamer Remote Escape Room Review


CIA Taskforce: The Gamer by Lockbox Escape Room is a well done first generation escape room located in Florida, but through the magic of technology you can now play remotely with friends from around the world from the comfort of your own homes.



For those of you who are stuck at home and missing the thrill of horror events, haunts, and escape rooms, this online project, born in response to the COVID-19 safer-at-home closures and quarantines, offers exciting at-home gameplay on your own computer in the comfort of your own horror-lair home. Terror DTLA: SON OF SAM is an online Immersive Haunted Escape (IHE) game that features physical immersive challenges and exciting character-videos performed by film and TV actors!

Terror DTLA’s Immersive Haunted Escapes are truly a combination of escape room elements, immersive experiences, and haunted house events, collaboratively rolled into an action-packed 60-minute horror experience. The Immersive Challenges  get you up out of your seat, as physical dares entice you to do something out of the ordinary for an online game- to interact with your own environment as part of the immersive game-play experience. Captivating in-game videos feature amazingly talented actors from film and TV, as characters in the story who speak directly to you, provide you with important information, challenge you to complete tasks, and truly terrify. Play alone if you dare or share your screen to play with a group of horror-fan friends.

Terror DTLA: SON OF SAM stars Aaron Groben from horror film’s “Art of the Dead,” “VHYes,” and Season 5 of “Tawk with Awkwafina,” Abigail Hunt from the crime drama “Charlie Says,” TV’s “In Ice Cold Blood” and “Unus Annus,” Charlotte Bjornbak from TV’s “Weeds,” “Criminal Minds,” and the horror film “Baphomet,” and Sean Alexander James from

Apple TV’s “The Morning Show,” “Stumptown,” and Crypt TV’s “Hospice.” This online Immersive Haunted Escape game is produced and directed by Robert Glen Decker, M.F.A., written by Collin Blair, with escape room puzzles by Felix Sicard, and is a product of Dionysus Productions of Los Angeles.

The Story: You are trapped inside your home during a summer heatwave. A power blackout has blanketed your neighborhood in fear as a serial killer moves quietly through the darkness. You must work together to solve the mystery and survive the night. Could this terrifying copycat killer of the infamous 1977 Son of Sam murders be lurking now outside your own front door?

Solve puzzles, search rooms, complete challenges, battle evil forces, live the story, and survive the fear! Rated: M for mature. Gameplay Level: Easy. Players: 1-7. Requirements: PC or laptop, headphones, internet connection.

Terror DTLA: SON OF SAM is available now at