HAUNTS – Temecula Fright Farm – CA


Screen Shot 2019-10-30 at 7.45.47 PM.png

Walking into a Hoarder’s house hits a little close to home when it comes to biggest nightmares, so just the theme alone had me a bit frightened going in. I haven’t seen actors all season quite as passionate and determined to give it their all as this crew, not to mention it seemed like a never ending amount of them. The set design was well done and I loved the theme. They told a complete story of Willie Cleaver and Ciela Fate, which was wonderful. However, I have to admit it was really the actors that made this attraction one of the most memorable and fun. They were relentless which was incredible.



HAUNTS – Haunted Funeral Home – MI



The group of young ladies waiting to enter the Haunted Funeral Home, a uniquely frightening stand alone haunted attraction in an actual funeral home, scattered screaming and jumping on each other as soon as the door opened. They explained that they had been to a larger, professional haunt earlier in the season and weren’t scared but something about Haunted Funeral Home terrified them. Maybe it’s the area in which it’s located, or the history of the building, or simply the unknown…personally I often find smaller haunts in creepy locations more unpredictable than the larger more commercial haunts. This is definitely a creepy haunt for those reasons. It’s not a large space, but they do a good job using what they have. I thought the actors were a lot of fun and working hard. There wasn’t a clear story or large impressive animatronics around every corner like some of the larger haunts, but it was charming and fun. I had a great time visiting the Haunted Funeral Home.

HAUNTS – Club Fear Twisted Manor – CA


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Club Fear Twisted Manor is my favorite home haunt of 2019. I always enjoy a good home haunt and there are several in SoCal, a few in Santa Clarita even, but these clowns really knock it out of the park. I love the slider clowns in the front. They were scary, but also really great with the kids. The idea of visiting a clown at his house is a really fun theme. I love the misdirection in the maze itself. The effect that follows is also a wonderful scary surprise. I thought the makeup is stand out. The actors really understand the art of the scare and do a magnificent job. The set design was great. It’s a good length for a home haunt. Overall an excellent, scary home haunt that I highly recommend.


23501 Clearidge Drive
Valencia 91354

HAUNTS – Beware the Dark Realm – CA


Beware the Dark Realm is a popular home haunt in Santa Clarita. It has an impressive castle facade that you go through to enter this dark Halloween realm. The sets are well done. The actors are passionate. They make great use of their space making the path seem much longer than what you might expect from the outside appearance. It’s a fun home haunt that is clearly loved by the community. They always seem to have a good turn out for the event.

I hope you get the chance to attend Beware the Dark Realm this Halloween season. I look forward to seeing what they do next year.


28621 Sugar Pine Way

Santa Clarita, CA 91390

HAUNTS – Pumkin Jacks Haunted House – CA



Pumkin Jack’s Haunted House is an elaborate home haunt located at 28603 Natalie Lane, Santa Clarita, 91390. This year the theme is Michael Meyers. Pumkin Jack’s is a bit shorter than many professional haunts, but for a home haunt it’s a good length. The set design is impressive. The use of lighting and fog is spot on. The actors really understand the art of the scare. At times I felt like I had been transported into a maze at Halloween Horror Nights. They really nailed it. I hope you will take a trip to visit Pumkin Jack’s this season.

Screen Shot 2019-10-29 at 8.55.52 PM.png

HAUNTS – Azra – MI


Azra Chamber of Horrors Haunted House is a stand alone haunt in the Detroit area. It’s one of the larger haunts in the area. It has a great reputation, which I didn’t think it quite lived up to. They have some really unique moments and fun scenes. The actors worked hard. A few moments stood out to me; the bees & the clown playfully shooting the balls at me. However I didn’t like the slide, it felt awkward and caused a small bottleneck. Also it didn’t appear to have a work around, so if you didn’t want to do it you’d miss the clowns. It lacked a bit in creativity and originality. At times it felt like it was trying to imitate other haunts rather than finding its own voice. However I see A LOT of haunted attractions, so if this is one of the few haunts you plan to see in the season then it may not be as noticeable. Overall it was a good professional haunt that locals seem to love.