ESCAPE ROOMS- Trapped! Escape Room – California 


Trapped! is the first escape room in the Inland Empire. They are located in a business complex on the second floor. They have a large parking lot.

I’ve played the Puzzle Master, Jailbreak and the Chamber rooms here. They are all really fun! The owners are great. The games are well designed. The puzzles are creative, logical and well thought out.

In the Puzzle Master your group has found the lair of a criminal mastermind and must find evidence and escape. It is a large space, good for bigger groups. It is decorated well without a lot of excess props or decorations.

In Jailbreak you have been arrested for a crime you didn’t commit and must break out of jail. This room is much more simplistic in decor. It’s also noticeably smaller than the other two rooms, so if you have a smaller group I would recommend playing this one first. It is also the easiest room of the three.

In the Chamber you “wake up” blindfolded and handcuffed in an unknown location. This room has much more elaborate decor and set dressing. The story unfolds throughout the game. It’s a fun room, but can be a bit on the creepy. I did notice that it was slightly more physical than the other rooms.

*Note that they don’t add groups to the leaderboard if they ask for hints.


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