ESCAPE ROOMS – Excido Escape Room – California 


My husband and I did both the studio & casino escape games here.  I loved the Studio.  It was more linear than the Casino.  We liked the theme more since we are in the movie industry in Los Angeles.  The puzzles were unique and fun.
Overall these rooms have a combination of puzzles and searching/finding things.  I like searching/finding…my husband doesn’t.  The studio has less “work around” opportunities to solve the puzzles than the casino, too.
(When you’ve done enough escape rooms you start to see certain ways to solve puzzles without legitimately “solving” the puzzles.  Some people say it’s cheating, I say if you don’t want me to solve it that way then design it in a way I cannot “cheat”.) They may have made some changes to the Casino since we did it early on.
The guys that run it are super nice too.  Oh & nothing scary in these rooms so totally good for families.

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