ESCAPE ROOMS  – Escapedom – California 


 Totally awesome!!!!!  Take your friends and go right now!!!!  The Lair escape game is not to be missed.

My husband & I did it, just the two of us.  We were given a little extra time since there was just two of us and we succeeded.  It was super cool.  There were several completely unique puzzles we had never seen before.

Not only is the game itself super fun and interesting…the staff is really funny and nice.  One of my favorite parts was even before the game started when we were being briefed.

I want to say so much more, but don’t want to give spoilers.  So go sign up for a time and have a blast.  Perfect for 2 or a group.

This is a wonderful escape room located in Westwood California (near Los Angeles). Photo taken from Escapedom’s Twitter. We were Mulder & Scully. 

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