ESCAPE ROOMS- The 13th Room – California 


This escape room is one of the best thematically.  The decor and story are in the top 3 of the 30+ escape rooms I’ve played. The location is amazing and there is a lot of history in the area that the staff will be glad to tell you about. The staff is great.

The puzzles are creative, but also be ready for a lot of searching the room for stuff.

My husband and I purchased a game time specifically hoping to be the only two in the room and unfortunately at the very last minute another couple joined us. We even received a text telling us we’d be alone. I always have more fun when it’s just the two of us. I highly recommend booking the entire room, as with every other escape room (except trapped in a room with a zombie…but it’s also a show and a game so slightly different). My major frustrations in this game came from the strangers we played with moving game pieces around the room and so forth. They were nice, but it’s just a lot easier to communicate with my husband because we have done so many games and we understand each other.
* I especially like the final reveal…for personal reasons!!

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