ESCAPE ROOMS  – Amazing Escape Room – California 


They have a wonderful location and a lot of space for several different escape rooms. The staff is great. You can get a couple of hints if you are stuck.
I’m not a numbers person and we did the black & white room which is a little more number/math heavy than the other rooms. Some of the puzzles felt like they were ripped from a brain teaser book that you could do at home. I’m looking forward to doing the other rooms after speaking with the owner. He explained that the rooms are getting updated a bit and the other rooms don’t have much math.

I went back with my husband and played the Operation Desert Storm room. It is one room with a handful of puzzles. There isn’t much in the room aside from a few decorations on the walls and some cabinets. my biggest problem with this room is that the puzzles are more difficult at the beginning and get easier at the end. With that said we got completely stumped at the end because we kept over thinking the final puzzle.

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