ESCAPE ROOMS- Room Escape Adventures – California 


We decided last minute to find an escape room to do Saturday after I got home from set.  Luckily there were 2 spots open in the last show of the night here, so we bought ’em.  I’ve been wanting to do this room for months, but my husband seemed a bit hesitant so we had only done traditional escape games.

I had high expectations for Trapped in a Room with a Zombie.  They were exceeded.
Shervin & Elijah were outstanding!   Shervin was wonderfully creative in his assistance & awards.  Elijah was so amazing as the zombie that even after the game my instinct was to dart away from him when he approached.  I wish all actors would immerse themselves in their characters the way he did last night.  (standing ovation for our cast)

The puzzles were fun.  They were logical enough to figure out, but difficult in a large group because communication is key and ours wasn’t quite good enough to get out in time.  We realized at the end that we actually had everything solved all we had left to do was communicate the answers to one person to unlock the door.  Close but still zombie food.

*Highly recommend this for people that like working in a large group with high intensity.  Not necessarily the best for escape room folks that like solving puzzles slowly and focused.

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