ESCAPE ROOMS  – EscapeIQ – California 


This is a poorly designed escape room.

My husband and I did Alcatraz escape here.  This was not one of our favorites, but it also didn’t help that our group of 4 got paired up with a group of 6 rambunctious teens from a group home.  For that reason the communication was lacking and it’s especially important in a game where your group is split between locked rooms.

The first puzzle had one of those answers that even after we got the answer from our 1 hint we didn’t understand why because it didn’t really make logical sense.  Simply put it was a bad puzzle. Half of the group opened something the wrong way because we spent minutes figuring out a puzzle to open something that only gave us how to open that thing that was already open which then became very confusing.  Then the group wasted more time trying to figure out what they were supposed to find there.
There was A LOT of crawling which sucked.
Some of the ideas were creative, but the execution was lacking.
Also they only give 1 hint.  If you ask for another they walk in and want to know what you want, but won’t give any more help.

Then when I gave my honest (mind you sugarcoated) opinion on a facebook group for people that love escape rooms, the owner wrote a comment saying the room was just too hard for me instead of acknowledging that there could be a problem with his room. I’ve also read several other reviews online with the same complaints as well as have met other escape room junkies that have the same opinion of the room and the owner.

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