ESCAPE ROOMS- Kaien – California 


The staff here was friendly and accommodating.  We were very grateful that they were able to assist us when we had a “scheduling issue”.

We did the Time Machine escape room.  We got 2 hints and made it out with 7 minutes left.

This room is a little more basic than some of the other rooms we have done.  It’s also only one room as opposed to many escape games that have multiple rooms within one game.  We found that the puzzles that made sense logically to us were very simple, and those that didn’t were basically impossible without guidance.  (One of them I’m still not sure how anyone would figure out without a hint.)  Lastly we didn’t know we were done until the game master told us congratulations.  However I should note the purpose of this room isn’t actually to escape.

Fun but basic and smaller space than most.

We beta-tested a new game there. It had a lot of puzzles…maybe too many. They decided to take it back to the drawing board a bit before opening it. I appreciate that they actually listened to our feedback and planned to take our suggestions into consideration.

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