ESCAPE ROOMS – Puzzlemazement – California 


We did the dollhouse escape room today with two additional couples we had never met…so 6 people total.  The other four people had never done an escape room.   We found it to be too easy.  Also there were too many people in our group of 6 and they book the rooms up to 10 people per game.  We escaped with 11 minutes left.

This is a good game for beginners.

The space is amazing.  The staff is wonderful.  The story is creative and interesting.  The props are in good condition.  The rooms feel immersive in the decor of the environment.

The puzzles are too easy.  The locks are almost all the same.  The puzzles all end up using a similar solution basis (which isn’t particularly creative).  They boast 3 floors which is technically correct, but mildly misleading.  The puzzles/locks don’t entirely make sense in context of the actual story.  I didn’t feel that they really took advantage of the amazing space they have access to.  There is no electronic newfangled technology aspects.

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