ESCAPE ROOMS- Logiquit – California 


There are 5 different escape rooms at Logiquit.  I’ve done all except the Office of John Monroe.   All of the rooms have unique themes and stories to go along with the game.

The “hint” system is really cool.  It’s not intrusive like some of the other locations I’ve played where a staff member walks in (which kind of takes away from the idea of being locked in)…at Logiquit they don’t intrude on your game but rather if you want hints they will put them up on the screen located in the room.  It’s great.
For the most part everything you need is in the room and logical to find if you figure out the clues.  There shouldn’t be any guess work as long as you look everywhere and check out everything.  The puzzles are fun and creative.
The only thing we’ve noticed is that the final moments when you escape (in the three we escaped) are a little anti-climatic…but I spoke with the creators and I think they are making a few adjustments to address that.  The lab room had some issues with the puzzles. We actually got the door open in the lab accidentally and were told we were doing it wrong and causing a malfunction.
Their location is so convenient for us.  Right on the edge of Hollywood.  He’s even getting there using public transportation.

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