ESCAPE ROOMS  – Real Escape Room – California 


We did Treasure Island escape game a couple of weeks before doing the lab and totally stayed stranded on the island.  The clues were just too difficult for us to make the connections for the most part. It felt a bit like a high school math class. So today we came back to do the laboratory room and the power was out so we did it with flashlights. It was okay. Some of the clues were still a little too difficult for me personally so we had to call for help a couple of times. I felt that not all of the puzzles were complete. Some seemed like illogical jumps to get from A to C.
The island is just a room with boxes and wall decorations, but basically no art design.  The lab has more props and a more immersive feel, but not compared to other companies.  The flashlights help.
It’s cash only if you walk in.  You should make an appointment though.
The staff is wonderful! Leon is very patient and helpful even when he explains a clue and I look at him like a deer in headlights.

According to the website the Island is now the Bomb game.

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