ESCAPE ROOMS  – Escape Room LA – California 


We did the cavern escape game during beta-testing and the group we were put together with was much much too large. The communication was lacking among a couple of players that arrived late and were allowed to jump in because we hadn’t left the briefing area at the beginning yet, but we could tell by the disrespect at the beginning they’d be tough to deal with and they were. Unfortunately the group you are with dictates the level of fun in this type of game. Game pieces went missing due to these same players ripping things up and moving them. Past that bad experience, if it were based on that I’d give only 1 star…the game itself is well decorated. The puzzles were often time consuming, but not especially logic based compared to the other games I’ve played. My least favorite puzzle in the room was based on checking a certain item in the room multiple times and if you don’t, you won’t be able to solve it. My other large complaint was the first part of the game you are required to stay behind yellow tape and not cross it until the staff member moves it even though you can see the rest of the room. You aren’t allowed to work on the other puzzles until the first one is solved…except only a few people are able to work on one puzzle at a time.

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