ESCAPE ROOMS  – Legend X Iteration – California 


The Dynasty is 3 escape rooms, but actually one story…so start with #1.  It’s really great!!!

The staff is awesome.  The rooms (we saw 2) are beautifully decorated.  The story is well done and the puzzles fit into it.  Listen up at the briefing and remember the info.

This company really uses creative and unique puzzles.  You get immersed in the story and become characters in it.  It was really different than the escape games we’ve played before both in the way we had to think to solve puzzles and the theme.  They use technology in really fun ways.  They use a pretty difficult combination lock in the first room that I have heard from others, as well as our experience was that the gamemaster usually has to come in and do the combination even once you solve the puzzle. It used to be that if you had time left after the first room that you could continue on, however I think they’ve changed that.  I haven’t gone back to do the last two rooms yet.

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