ESCAPE ROOMS – X Room – California 


We did the Wonderland escape room experience and really enjoyed the creativity and fun atmosphere of the rooms & puzzles.
The puzzles were much more complicated than some of the games I have played elsewhere and really make you think outside the box.  This isn’t your tear apart the room searching for “stuff” kind of escape room like The Basement, but more along the lines of Exit Game puzzle solving.
The staff is very friendly.  They have a cool feature that I’ve never seen before where you find tokens in your game.  The space is quite large and they have parking available for free in the complex.We did the new VIP Victorian Mansion game  yesterday.  It’s really cool!!!  It is well decorated and the puzzles are really unique from any other escape game company I’ve done so far.  Highly recommend.
We also did Curse of the Mummy yesterday.  It’s a beautifully decorated room and awesome concept, but I had a harder time with the puzzles in this one than usual even after hints.
I strongly recommend that first time players start with “Court is in Session” as their first XRoom Game.
(The only one I have left to do here is Escape the Prison.)

*Rumor has it this location may have closed.

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