ESCAPE ROOMS- PanIQ Room – California 


I had a fun time in the Bunker escape room in Los Angeles. It was just the two of us and we have done other live escape rooms. The puzzles were good.  We had a couple of technical difficulties.  Thank goodness for the walkie talkie to ask for hints…it saved us a couple of times when we had technical difficulties.  I say if you are sure you are right or you think something seems off, call on the walkie and save valuable time.

The Asylum room in Los Angeles is dark and has a lot of random props that you may or may not need. The set design is very detailed and it’s quite an immersive experience.
I personally prefer the Bunker over the Asylum.

The last PanIQ Room we played was in San Diego for the Cemetery. That game had much more simple puzzles, however we have done several games at this point so we’ve seen a lot of the different styles of puzzles before. This one was much more finding and doing physical challenge type puzzles rather than solving math or riddles. It’s a great beginner room. I sent a group of friends there and they are newbies that really enjoyed it.

UPDATE: The San Diego location is now closed.


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