ESCAPE ROOMS  – The Basement – California 


This is the best horror themed Escape Game in the Los Angeles area.

Totally AWESOME!!!! We didn’t make it out of the Basement, but it was super fun and really frustrating at times…exactly like an escape experience should be.  The staff is super cool too.  We loved it!!!

So my husband and I escaped the BOILER ROOM with 2 friends.  We are all escape room junkies.
The boiler room tells the story incredibly well…that’s the thing this company does better than most other escape game companies.
It’s a beautifully decorated/themed room.  It’s linear so the whole team works on one thing at a time.  If you are severely claustrophobic this may not be fun for you. It really didn’t have enough puzzles and wasn’t particularly challenging as far as actually figuring out the answers…some were simple to figure out but still challenging to complete. However, we’ve done a lot of escape rooms. This would be much more difficult if we had not done so many games and seen how some of the puzzles work before.
We escaped the BOILER ROOM in less than 20 minutes.

My husband and I played the new Study game that recently opened at this location. It’s the third game in the story. We enjoyed it. We got out just in the knick of time. I felt it was quite different than the other two games in the way you must think to solve the puzzles. I enjoyed the actor/character in this game even more than the others. I really enjoyed the physicality and creativity of the puzzles. However my husband had an even better experience than I did because of the choices we made in who did what. I recommend starting at the beginning with the Basement game and going in order to the Boiler Room then Study.

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