ESCAPE ROOMS- 13th Gate – Louisiana 


I’ve played a lot of escape games nationwide and these two are the best. I played both The Collector & Death Row. You need to play these rooms in a group because of the brilliant team building puzzles that you will encounter…especially The Collector.

Why is 13th Gate Escape the best?

Not only are the puzzles logical, thought provoking, creative and unique, they fit into the theme of each room organically. The rooms are beautifully designed. The stories are wonderfully thought out and really start your adventure into these incredibly emmersive experiences. The Collector is especially emmersive in a way I’ve never experienced before. The detail is unbelievabe using more senses than any room I’ve ever done. These rooms use technology in wonderful ways with exciting aha moments and squeals around every turn. They are also the first company I’ve seen use such a user friendly, non-intrusive hint system. A lot of time and heart went into these rooms and you can feel the passion when you meet the owner and incredible staff. Their pictures should be the first thing you see when you look up “customer service” on Wikipedia.

Overall 13th Gate Escape has it figured out and really creates unique immersive experiences that are not to be missed. I wish they would open up a location on the west coast so I don’t have to travel 1,800 miles to play the next room they open…but I will…because they are THAT GOOD!

*We escaped Death Row in time, but not The Collector.

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