ESCAPE ROOMS – Funhouse Escape – California


I love the theme/story: Actors that need to break into the wardrobe case before the play begins. It was a really fun concept. The stage manager gives reminders of the time, as a real stage manager does in the theatre. The room looks very much like a dressing room in a small theatre. The puzzles in the first half were much more creative than the second half which resorts to mostly brainteaser type math problems. One puzzle stood out to me as being unique to anything I’ve seen before and I really enjoyed that puzzle the most. The room is basic and low tech. There are no mechanics, second room, etc. It is fun and well done. It’s perfect for families and kids groups like girl scouts.

I went back and played the second game, which is really a continuation of the same story. It’s in the same location, but the puzzles are all unique. There is a lot of creativity and heart in these games.

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