ESCAPE ROOMS – Countdown Live – California


These escape rooms are very pretty. There is new ownership since Captvt and they are making some changes from the old rooms. 

They seem like cool people. I really enjoyed the thrill/horror aspects of the psycho themed escape room. The puzzles were really fun too! We were more aggressive in our searching since it was our second room there the psycho escape room and found everything we needed. The spaceship room was really cool looking but we didn’t do a very good job searching and had issues solving puzzles because we didn’t find everything we needed. I stopped searching the walls because parts of the wall decorations fell off while I was searching and I got worried I was gonna break stuff.

My husband and I beta-tested the new Tiki Room escape room. It has a fun tiki bar theme where you must get out before the volcano erupts. The theme is so well executed that it’s easy to forget you are in downtown Los Angeles. The puzzles are unique and clever.

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