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The Shadow Space is an incredible immersive theatre performance in Hollywood, California.
The storytelling and immersion began upon arrival with our guides greeting, “Welcome to being dead” and request for our names and cause of death. We were given instructions about the way our ghostly skills could be used to haunt the living and rules that were not to be broken such as not to allow the living to walk through us. We were led into the home to observe and haunt a pair of couples with a few important secrets we were about to discover.
I thought the storytelling, set, props, actors, immersion and overall event was magnificent. I found myself fully accepting my role as a ghost on the haunt. It was a lot of fun to play with the living by flicker lights and moving objects. Our guide and her trainee were charming and funny. I loved their relationship to each other and the audience. I was engaged watching the secrets unfold throughout the night. One of the standout moments for me was when I got separated from the rest of the ghosts and had a small private scene by one of the living. The puzzles and objects we were able to interact with were well designed and clever. I loved the twist at the end and found it all to be very entertaining and fun. I was a bit disappointed in scoring portion after the performance had ended. I would’ve much preferred to leave feeling the high of amazing performance than to discover we’d failed at a game I was unaware we were playing. Aside from that very small section after the show, I was completely impressed and blown away by this very professional immersive theatre experience and I highly recommend it.
Be sure to get your tickets and add yourself to their mailing list so you don’t miss out on any upcoming events by this creative company. Thank you to The Shadow Space for inviting us to be ghosts for an evening, it was an amazing time.
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