HAUNTS – LA Haunted Hayride – CA


Los Angeles Haunted Hayride is literally a Halloween haunted hayride located in the middle of a huge metropolitan area, but somehow maintains the charm of an event you’d expect to find on a farm in the middle of nowhere. This unique event stands out for its creativity and fun factor. There are three main attractions at the event, two walk through haunts and the hayride. There is also a stage in the midway, roaming monsters, food, mini escape rooms and more. Both of the walk through haunts were filled with scares around every corner by actors that appeared to be having a wonderful time scaring the guests. The midway monsters were wonderful. They all had very strong personalities that made for fun interactions. The hayride was well done. There were several impressive scenes with larger than life effects such as giant animatronics, stunts, and impressive sets. I especially enjoyed the scene on the old zoo cages. I find the old zoo to be a bit unsettling and intriguing on any given day, so it’s even more fascinating during LA Haunted Hayride. I’d highly recommend this event and would like to thank LA Haunted Hayride for inviting me to their media event. Be aware that as the season gets closer to Halloween the lines can be very long and the weather can be a bit more chilly for LA. Also remember you will be sitting in a wagon filled with hay, so consider wearing long pants and close toed shoes or boots. Dress appropriately and consider upgrading on busy nights for the best experience.





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