ESCAPE ROOMS – MagIQ Room – California


MagIQ Room is located in Los Angeles, California. It is the kid friendly offshoot of PanIQ Room. The room is a buyout structure, so you will not be placed with strangers. It appears as though they are targeting children’s parties.

I went in with really high expectations because of the price of the game. I figured the higher cost in comparison to other rooms in the area meant there would be exceptional technology and wow moments that would make them stand out above the rest of the rooms in town, but that wasn’t the case.

I played with a group of 5 experienced adults. We escaped the Wizard room without hints in less than 30 minutes. The pirate room was a bit more difficult for us, but we still escaped with a bit of help and time to spare.

The themes are fairly unique. The sound design was good. Both rooms are VERY well decorated. They are beautiful and the detail is there from the floor to the ceiling in both games. They could easily be movie sets.

There were a couple of completely unique and fun puzzles, but we had seen many of them before in the other rooms we’ve played. The stories were well developed and immersive, however the puzzles weren’t really cohesive to the story. The hint system also takes you out of the story. However, they did something unique that I had not experienced in any other room. At certain points throughout the game, we had to hide from the wizard/pirate when they entered the room. It’s a very interesting and fun addition since the thought of being “caught” added to the stress of escaping. The only major flaw I noticed was that there were no repercussions for being “caught”.

Overall MagIQ Room seems great for the whole family, but not very challenging for escape room enthusiasts.


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