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Brainy Actz is a kid friendly escape room located in Irvine, California near Los Angeles. I felt a little duped by their marketing, though. I bought my husband a deal for his Christmas present that included tickets for 2, candy gift basket and BEER GLASS. Beer glass does not equate to kid friendly room in my logic, so when we were placed with 8 strangers (2 couples and a family of 4 with children) I was a little confused as to why we were grouped with kids.

It is a good location in a business district with plenty of parking. The staff is nice.

I have to word this carefully since I was contacted by Brainy Actz asking me to change my Yelp review because they felt it gave spoilers.
The Pirate themed room has cheesy decorations. The first thing I noticed when we walked in was the iPad playing music illuminated in the corner easily within reach. When I asked about it the game master assured me that it wasn’t part of the game, just music. Overall the room design and puzzles severely lacked in creativity. It’s easy to make the puzzles harder than they are because they are so poorly designed.

It was a difficult room to play because of our large group. There were simply too many people. There wasn’t enough to do to keep everyone occupied so we kept getting in each other’s way.

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