ESCAPE ROOMS – Divergent Realities: The Informant – California



Divergent Realities is an escape room in San Diego California. They are one of my favorite investigative “FBI style” rooms so far. I really enjoyed the way we were greeted in the lobby and given a test to get our minds working. The intro where we were given the mission was creative and fun. The owners are incredibly passionate about their business and escape rooms in general. I especially liked the simple, yet fun transition to the room itself. I find that is one of the things missing in most escape room experiences, but they really nailed it. The room itself was a simply decorated office set. The room is well designed. I love the way they direct you within the game both through well laid puzzles and the entertaining hint system that fits the story. There was enough to keep both my husband and I busy working on separate puzzles. It is a buyout, so you won’t be playing with strangers. It’s a very well done game. We both had a lot of fun.

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