ESCAPE ROOMS -Great Room Escape San Diego: Houdini – California



The Great Room Escape San Diego is an escape room located in the same location as the wonderful haunted attraction Haunted Hotel. The space is great. I had no trouble finding street parking nearby. They currently have 3 different games. I played Houdini’s Hidden Workshop.

I am a little biased to magic themed rooms as an active member of the magic community and the Magic Castle in Hollywood. I had high expectations for this room based on theme alone. I am happy to say they exceeded my expectations.

The actress playing Bess was wonderful. She did a good job of staying in character and giving assistance when needed to the group. She seemed very knowledgeable of Harry and his life. It was fun interacting with her. The room design is especially well done. The effects are amazing. I can’t say every single puzzle fit the theme exactly, but they did do a great job of making most of them make sense within the story. None of the puzzles were too difficult, but they were challenging enough to be fun. They did a good job of incorporating both physical and mental puzzles.

My only complaint is my group. Unfortunately my husband and I ended up in a full room with another couple that appeared to have had a few drinks before arriving and a large group of friends that were much older than us. No one really communicated. After the brilliant intro, my husband and I began playing the game as everyone else stood in the center of the room looking befuddled until someone finally asked, “What do we do?” and I yelled back to start looking for puzzles and clues. It was one of the hardest “pair ups” we’ve encountered. It was even worse because the lobby explanation didn’t include any sort of introductions. Had my husband and I bought out all 10 spots to play alone or brought a group with us, we definitely would have enjoyed ourselves much more.

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