ESCAPE ROOMS-Escapedom: The Den of the Occult- California 


Escapedom is an excellent escape room located in Westwood, not far from Los Angeles. They are upstairs, so enter the entrance at street level and take the stairs up. It’s a good idea to give yourself a few extra minutes in case of traffic and to find parking. The owners and staff at Escapedom are wonderful. To me the signature difference that makes them stand out from others in the industry is their introductions. The way they introduce the stories are fun, innovative and unique.

In the Den of the Occult your group is challenged to retrieve the Crystal of Death and escape the den of Maya Conway. Maya is a tarot card reader and satanic worshiper. I wouldn’t say that the room is scary, but it is definitely a darker theme than their first room.

Your team must work together to solve unique puzzles. There is both searching and solving involved. The puzzles use many different ways of thinking. If you are stumped on a puzzle, ask your teammates to take a look because they may understand it right away. It’s great because there is something for everyone to solve. The room is well decorated. I was impressed by the use of technology. It’s a clever and unique game.


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