ESCAPE ROOM – Escape Room Police – California



Two words: DUCT TAPE

The escape room located in San Diego is literally held together by duct tape. I never quite got past that during game play because it looks so bad. Oh and I tripped over a cord in the room unplugging a computer which screwed us up a bit. I guess the duct tape wasn’t sticking well to the floor.

The puzzles were okay, but nothing especially creative. However the owner was so excited explaining them that they seemed more exciting in the debrief than the game. He’s a very nice guy that loves his room. He even justified the duct tape on the walls holding up everything…even a shelf. I didn’t think it was a good justification, but he has his reasons.

My other big problem with this game was that a major prop had been damaged by the group before us and the game master didn’t tell us that he had removed it. So when we got to that point we just kept looking for it. We had to walkie to him to ask where it was because we gave up looking and he said we didn’t need it, basically just find a work around for the puzzle.

I wish him the best and I hope his business does well, but…seriously…duct tape?

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