ESCAPE ROOMS – Real Escape Room – California


real escape

I played this escape room a year ago and just realized I had not reviewed it here yet. Leon the staff member (or owner, I’m not certain) was so excited and passionate about the experience. The original game we played here was Treasure Island. (It’s since been redone into The Bomb.) We were locked in a room that looked a bit like an empty childcare room with little wooden boxes scattered about and a heat lamp in the wall. The puzzles were math based and painfully tedious. My husband and I decided to give the company another shot and play the laboratory. When we arrived there was no electricity in the space. So we opted to play the room with flashlights. This was the place I learned that you can force a combo lock without solving the entire puzzle. Even with that in mind, some of the puzzles were so abstract that we had to ask for help. They weren’t the most logical solutions, but I guess I could follow them for the most part. The room looked okay by flashlight, which is one option even when they have electricity. The props were cheap in appearance. BUT the room felt like it was designed and made with a lot of love. It’s near Los Angeles.

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