ESCAPE ROOMS – Bamboozled Escape Room – Texas


We decided to play an escape room on our drive through Houston and called around until we found same day availability at Bamboozled. The steampunk themed room had a very cool design and fun props. I was disappointed in the size of the room. The puzzles were very difficult for me because they just weren’t the way I think. Also the “finding” aspect of this room was more extreme than most other rooms I’ve played. I was honestly not a big fan of this room, but my husband flipped out for it. We have different ways of thinking (I’m artistic and he’s logical), which makes us great teammates for escape rooms because when there is a puzzle stumping one of us then the other can usually solve it. He really did all of the solving in this room though. The owners were very nice. They definitely love escape rooms and have pride in their game.

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