ESCAPE ROOMS – Cross Roads Escape Games: The Hex Room – California



I’ve always wanted to be a scream queen in a horror movie. Maybe playing Cross Roads Hex Room isn’t exactly the same thing, but it sure is close.

The Hex Room is my favorite escape room in California. It really is an escape game like no other in that it requires a group of at least 5, but ideally 6 players, so that each person can be separated from the others in their very own themed room.

It’s an escape room meets an immersive haunt. Upon checking in you are given a short questionnaire that determines your role in the movie: nerd, prom queen, rebel, detective, jock, virgin and then individually locked into your own room. You’ve all been captured by a madman that is obsessed with scary movies and you must escape before time runs out. The set is beautifully designed using decor, space and lighting to set the mood. The room layout is brilliant allowing everyone to feel secluded, yet communicate with who they are supposed to just enough to effectively work together to escape. I love the doors. Each door has been creatively thought out and uniquely designed. The rooms are each decorated in their individual themes with just enough “scare factor” to allow for screams throughout the game.

The puzzles and layout of the room are especially unique in two specific ways. First, everyone can escape as a group, but they may not survive the movie if they haven’t recovered their individual survivor medal. And secondly and most impressively, the replay-ability.

I’ve actually played this game TWICE and it was a DIFFERENT EXPERIENCE both times. I played as the detective the first time with a pretty hardcore escape room obsessed team. We all survived and escaped with 12:59 remaining. Then I came back weeks later and played again as the jock. This time I brought friends that were a little less experienced than the first team and in it strictly for fun. We still escaped with 2:04 remaining. Yes, the ending was similar because the final locks hadn’t changed, but guess what…the puzzles did. The owners discussed with me what I had experienced the first time I played and changed the puzzles to a “different ending.” I can’t express how impressed I am that I was able to play the same escape game twice and yet it felt like a different game. (Of course if you plan to play as another character, remind your team not to tell you about their puzzles after the game. You don’t want any spoilers.)

The owners are very talented and passionate about their games. They recently completed their second room, The Fun House.  You can read more about the owners HERE


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