ESCAPE ROOMS – Great Room Escape – Texas



My husband & I did the zombie escape room with a group of 6 people we didn’t know that had never done an escape game.

The zombie & the maid were really great.
The staff member checking us in was not very personable. He quickly told us a few rules and then went into the room for a while to reset the game. Our entire group was 30 minutes early and he still didn’t get us into the game until almost 30 minutes after our start time. Apparently I was the first to check-in on Yelp and claim the hint because he had to call someone to see what that was all about. So remember to check-in and get your hint. When we won he barely acknowledged it and kinda rushed us out not even offering to take a group photo for us.

The game itself is well designed. The stress of the zombie makes fairly easy puzzles much much more difficult to complete. There are a few things red herrings, but it adds to the cool “set design”. I really like the way they handle deaths in this game compared to the Room Escape Adventures Trapped in a room with a zombie we played in LA. (I think there are less puzzles in this game though.)

My biggest complaint about this experience was the lack of excitement or praise from the game master when he came to escort us out after escaping and starting so late. What a let down. Not even a full group picture and we waited around for a while after we got out waiting for him to. He didn’t even know out official escape time. I happened to look at the clock on the way out so I knew within a few seconds. For a game with only 6% escape rate you’d think he could have at least made us feel like it was kind of a big deal, but he didn’t.

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