ESCAPE ROOMS – Escape My Room – Louisiana 


Wow! I have never been so impressed by a NO TECH escape room. First of all we were able to book same day, which was the reason we chose Escape My Room in NOLA instead of a different room. It’s location is convenient and a little creepy after hours. Upon approaching the room located in an office at the end of a hallway we noticed stuff spilling out of the lobby into the hall. It is basically a museum, like the kind you’d find along the road behind a gas station in the middle of nowhere. They have a mermaid in a glass case, several taxidermied animals, and a lot of other weird stuff. They also have a trunk of costumes that you can get creative with while you wait. The staff does a great job of staying in character and allowing for the experience to begin from the moment you enter the lobby to check in. When you enter the room it’s a bit overwhelming because of the amount of stuff in the room, yet underwhelming in size (at first). It is not only full of creative and fun puzzles, but there is a fairly long and complex bonus puzzle that you don’t need to solve to escape. We attempted to solve it unsuccessfully, however we did escape. I highly recommend this room if you are in the New Orleans area.

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