As of January 1st, 2023—the 4 F0UND3RS will be taking a step back from BL4KM4SS.
Going out the way they came in: at the stroke of midnight at New Years, this time to a broader audience and out of the shadows.
This is not the end of immersive theater for any of them. Each F0UND3R has other passions they are exploring, ventures they are building, and other projects they are working on. While continuing to have each other’s back and best interests at heart, the 4 F0UND3RS thought it would be best to shift focus… at least for now.
Alex C. James has created several musical immersive experiences recently, working with artist like Cancer Christ, Fusion Babies, Sleeperz, Bushfire, and Jomo in conjunction with CoCo Beach Presents in Long Beach. Alex continues to push artistic boundaries and play with conventions by combining socially conscious music arts with live performance theater. Follow Alex at @safekidzab for future show information, the continuation of the M-series, and remote shows in 2023. To keep up with Alex, follow his Instagram at @andbenderran.
Amori “Kitty” Stewart continues to perform with fire at various shows. Recently, Kitty was brought on as a character performer for Knotts Berry Farm. You can spot her ice dancing as Peppermint Patty or doing Meet and Greets as Snoopy during Knotts Merry Farm! During the 2023 Peanuts Celebration, Kitty will be performing in the Music Goes Round Show in Camp Snoopy! To keep with what she’s up to follow Amori at @lovebug615 on Instagram.
Paul Stephen Edwards continues his artistic ventures through film and photography, recently winning Best Sci-Fi Film for shooting 16-Bits (From the Director of Ugly Sweater Party, Aaron Mento) and filming 2 segments for the anthology Body Count (Written by Jenn Nangle) this winter. You can find Paul at @xigarun on Instagram.
Reyna “Chainsaw Queen” Velarde continues to torment people, instead you can find her in the wrestling ring as Chainsaw @wow_chainsaw at WOW (Women of Wrestling @wowsuperhereos ) on KCAL 9 on Saturday nights at 11pm (check your local listings). Follow her Chainsaw account for live show information and air dates! The Chainsaw Queen will continue P41N 4C4D3MY, for more information, follow p41n_4c4d3my and keep up with Reyna @chainsawqueen13 on Instagram.
Of course, you can also catch the 4 F0UND3RS at the 17th Door (at least most of us, we were all there this last season!) And we will all be featured in the up coming film, No Way to Die, currently being edited by the one and only Kris Smith! Follow the film’s progress, BTS, and announcements at @noway2die
The 4 F0UND3RS have encouraged their cast and crew to create their own content. During lock down, they presented a contest for cast members to create their own show. Tim Elrod and Linnea Swanson presented two winning ideas which are currently in development.
Coming Soon- Tattered & Frayed Productions by Tim Elrod, follow @tattered_and_frayed We look forward to the future.

BL4K M4SS – NEW LIVE EVENT Announcement

Introducing… 1NT1M4CY, $50, 1-hour, Long Beach, CA.

1 guest, 1 performer, 1 crew member.

2 shows a night. 2 different stories.

This event will function under the following guidelines:

1- No Contact. You will not enter a vehicle, you will not touch anyone, and no one will touch you (except for temperature checks). Therefore, this will NOT be a physically aggressive show in any way. However, this will be psychologically intense.

2- Masks required. You will bring your own mask (mask will also be available to you on set). Cast/Crew will be masked and/or have a respiratory barrier.

3- Temperatures will be taken. Cast/Crew will take theirs before the show and guests will have theirs taken on arrival with a forehead thermometer.

4- There will only be 3 persons on set. The guest, 1 cast member, and 1 crew member. (we have done shows like this in the past *P4THOLOGY)

5- Show will run for approximately 1 hour (from pick up spot to drop off spot).

6- Set will be disinfected between shows.

7- Guest will be offered hand sanitizer before and after the event.

8- All Cast/Crew working this event have completed/received a Safe Sets Covid-19 (Level A) Certificate.

9- Current ticket holders for BL1NDN3SS or H0L1D4Y shows, may elect to transfer their ticket to this event or keep your spot for the future.

10- BL1NDN3SS & H0L1D4Y shows will be rescheduled soon. Current ticket holders may elect to transfer their ticket(s) to different H0L1D4Y shows or new shows based on date changes and your availability.

1NT1M4CY Dates  & Times Available: (Send 2-3 date/time preferences) 

June 30- SOLD OUT

July 2- 8PM

July 7- 8PM & 10PM 

July 9- 10PM 

Slots will be filled by the first to reply and fulfill their invoice. 

We are BL4KM4SS
Instagram @bl4km4ss  

HAUNTS – Beware the Dark Realm – CA


Beware the Dark Realm is a popular home haunt in Santa Clarita. It has an impressive castle facade that you go through to enter this dark Halloween realm. The sets are well done. The actors are passionate. They make great use of their space making the path seem much longer than what you might expect from the outside appearance. It’s a fun home haunt that is clearly loved by the community. They always seem to have a good turn out for the event.

I hope you get the chance to attend Beware the Dark Realm this Halloween season. I look forward to seeing what they do next year.


28621 Sugar Pine Way

Santa Clarita, CA 91390

HAUNTS – The Haunted Lodge (Scareventures) – CA

HAUNTS – The Haunted Lodge (Scareventures) – CA

The Haunted Lodge (Scareventures) 2018


We were warned not to go in the woods for fear of a half man half elk creature…but we continued anyway and luckily lived to tell the tale.

My husband and I went to The Haunted Lodge last night while down in the San Diego area attending haunted attractions. This was our second stop of the evening. I wasn’t sure what to expect since it appeared to be a plywood maze built in the front yard of an Elk’s Lodge. However, I was quite impressed with the set design and attention to detail. The actors worked very hard. The costumes and make up looked good. It told a story and even had a couple of moments that were very in line with immersive theatre in the way they have you sit in the scene and become a character in the story. Overall we had a fun time.


I especially enjoyed the opening two scenes because they set up the story and tone for the adventure to come. Both actors in the beginning did a splendid job of communicating the story in a fun and creepy way. I also enjoyed the photo op (on my own phone) at the beginning because it fit in the scenario well and left us with a memory to post online.


After sitting around the campfire listening to the tale of the monster to come, we were given a red flashlight and sent on our way into the maze. We encountered many ghouls along our path.


We caught a scare from the anticipated ElkMan a little early on while in one of my favorite scenes. The set up was great and had us skeptical that we were really entering a safe homey cabin no matter how much the actors tried to convince us we were safe. It was wonderfully done.


I also really enjoyed the tent area. I’m sorry we couldn’t save you young man, we had to save ourselves!


However the maze kept going and seemed to go a little off track from the tale at times. It was fun, but lost that beautiful storytelling from the beginning as we progressed through the attraction. I did enjoy that the haunt staple “monster with chainsaw” fit into the scene in this attraction. So many times it’s random, but they made it work well. Great job to all of the designers and actors.

Overall it was a lot of fun and I’m glad we got to experience this attraction. I recommend checking them out if you are in the El Cajon (San Diego) area.


*More photos from this event on Instagram @TheHauntGirl