Announcement – Resova

Escape City Continues to Grow Following Easy Transition from Competitor
Irvine, California (April 17, 2023)

Resova, a fast-growing online booking and marketing software vendor focused on escape rooms and activity and tour operators, has become a crucial business solution for partner Escape City, a growing Canadian Escape Room business.
With a flagship location in Edmonton, a second location in Saskatoon, and more on the way, Escape City’s leadership chose Resova’s suite of Escape Room-centric software solutions after years of using Xola’s booking and ticketing platform.
Resova’s operator-friendly pricing structure is designed with the Escape Room Industry’s unique set of business requirements in mind.
“During our extensive research we discovered that Resova is used by some of the best escape room businesses,” said Mike Ringrose, Managing Partner of Escape City. “Resova gives us the flexibility to offer our customers a better price point,” said Ringrose, “Resova’s commission-free business model and robust tools for marketing return visits have helped us grow.”
Unlike Xola and other popular booking platforms, Resova doesn’t add commission or additional processing fees on top of a baseline monthly fee.
According to Ringrose, another major factor in Escape City’s accelerated growth has been the seamless integration between Resova’s Marketing and Promotion features and Escape City’s existing email solution.
“Resova’s coupon code marketing program is quite robust and customizable, we were able to easily integrate it with our MailChimp account and put together a good online package so that we could really focus on return visits,” said Ringrose. “That combination has done wonders for our digital marketing.”

Resova tracks which rooms customers have completed, enabling Escape City to send targeted marketing whenever they debut a new attraction.
“When we launch an experience, we have this database we fire out messages to,” said Ringrose. “In the first three or four months after a launch, we end up with a lot of repeat customers.”
After putting Resova’s software through its paces, the team behind Escape City is happy to have found a solid partner in Resova.
“We’re always trying to push the envelope and innovate with every new room. It’s nice to be partnered with a company that’s doing the same thing in the digital space,” said Ringrose.
It all adds up to an exciting future for Escape City with Resova as its booking partner.
“I would give Resova a 10 out of 10. There’s nowhere to go but up. I have no problem recommending Resova to anyone.” – Mike Ringrose, Managing Partner of Escape City.


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