ARG – Nonchalance – CA

I received this email yesterday:

Hello Divine Nonchalants,

This is not yet an announcement of a new epic proposition,

but just perhaps the advent of your own creative chapter.

It is the offering of an artifact / keepsake, 

and perhaps a window of opportunity.

The candelabrum of the San Francisco House 

are sleeping in the woods.

Tomorrow, Sunday April 16 between 2 and 3 pm

Just West of “Overcoat Rim Route”

following “Sir Francis Vista Path” 

toward the Pacific Ocean.

There is an Intention path veering Left of the fallen tree,

and in to the windblown woods atop the hillside.

These artifacts have been cleansed of the past

and patiently await reincarnation, a new life.

There are no conditions,

only the following suggestions.

That your activity not be secretive.

It is not a competition. Instead; collaborate to discover and activate them in some way.

Exercise clear wisdom: the candles offered are to be taken away with you, and ARE NOT to be lit outdoors.

Please share the tales of your adventure with me somehow.


Fortuity / Harmony



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