HAUNTS – Netherworld Haunted House – GA


October 2019

Netherworld is a haunted attraction in a category all it’s own. This professional haunt consists of two walk through haunts, midway, gift store and a unique museum. It’s now located next to Netherworld Escape, so you can also book an escape game prior to experiencing the Haunt if you’d like.

Netherworld is an impressive collection of elaborate animatronics, props, sets and several live actors. There isn’t really a storytelling aspect to the larger attraction, it’s more of a massive, overwhelming amount of craziness coming at you. I was physically exhausted by the end from the adrenaline rush of it all.

I took a short break in the midway to take photos with monsters, play in the foam and play the mini escape game before heading to the second haunt.

This year the theme for the additional haunted walk through was dinosaurs. It was definitely a more focused theme than the larger haunt, but still not especially story heavy. The last creature was my favorite.

I honestly found myself more in awww of the magnificent creatures in Netherworld than frightened. I walked through smiling and wide-eyed like a child in a candy shop, throughly overwhelmed by the amount of awesomeness surrounding me. Occasionally a special effect or flying creature would catch me off guard and make me squeal, but overall it didn’t leave me with nightmares.

The museum on the other hand did give me an uneasy feeling. I was genuinely frightened by something in there that still stuck with me days later. I highly recommend experiencing it.

I like the new location a lot. There is parking across the street.

Overall, I highly recommend experiencing Netherworld. It’s worth a trip for those haunt enthusiasts that travel around the country seeing events.

Thank you Netherworld for having me out to see your event! I had an amazing time!

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