HAUNTS – Containment – GA


October 2019

Containment is an incredible story based haunted attraction that uniquely blends immersive theatre and traditional jump scares into a fun, heart pounding experience.

My husband and I were grouped with a pair of teenage brothers that were especially jumpy. (I will admit their energy added to the fun.) The opening interaction with the large creature was creepy fun. Soon after Helga explained more of the story in her own interesting way as well as asked our fears. I loved this moment because not only was the actress wonderful, but it put us into a specific mental state focusing on our real fears, whether or not we’d experience them inside. I also think it set us up to be more affected by the shadow that almost seemed to be lurking everywhere. The creators at Containment appear to have a deep passion for the art of the haunt. They understand how to effectively scare people of all ages. They have some of the strongest performers I’ve seen and I applaud them.

Thank you to Containment for inviting me to see this year’s event. I was very impressed.

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