Knott’s Scary Farm, where nightmares never end, is one of the top rated haunted theme park attractions in the nation. Scary Farm has something for every haunt lover from frightening mazes to thrilling rides to incredible spooky snacks to impressive shows. There is so much to do that it’s difficult to get through everything in just one night even with a front of the line pass. We attended the media event on opening night and were able to see The Hanging and Puppet Up as well as eat and see most of the mazes, but there is just so much to do.

The mazes were incredible as always, combining jump scares and practical effects with fun technology. Knott’s is really good at storytelling throughout the mazes as well.

The Hanging was a bit different this year. The cast was very talented. The stunts were wonderful. They razz Disney a bit more than usual and the actual payoff this year at the end was…ummmm…non-traditional.

Puppet Up really stood out to me as unique and fun, filled with extremely talented performers. It’s a wonderful addition to the event. It’s unique style of interactive comedy is hilarious. Do NOT miss Puppet Up Uncensored.

Overall this year is an amazing event not to be missed. Thank you Knott’s for inviting us out to experience it.



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