ANNOUNCEMENT: The Shadow Space (Los Angeles)

The Shadow Space

Best Medicine Productions announces an extended run of:

The Shadow Space: A Haunted Affair

A near death afterlife experience where you, a ghost, get to haunt the living!

Los Angeles- Sept. 15, 2019- Best Medicine Productions is happy to announce the remounting of their popular new event, The Shadow Space: A Haunted Affair. It’s an immersive experience that combines elements of a mystery play, escape game, ghost story and interactive challenge to create something completely new. After a successful run this past May, it returns October 8-Nov. 3 for two shows a night, six nights a week at the historic Hartsock House on Gower St. in the heart of Los Angeles.

What is The Shadow Space?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to walk unseen? To discover private

passions? Hear whispered secrets? Have you ever wanted to experience a haunting from the other side? The Shadow Space is a new series of performances where the audience is welcomed by afterlife spirit guides, who have arranged a haunting package. They take you into a living home and teach you the basic rules of haunting as the living go about their lives, unable to see you, the guest. In this performance, A Haunted Affair, you visit the home of a couple who are having friends over for a big night~ and the guides were able to learn some juicy gossip on these four people that should guarantee an exciting evening. Over the course of the evening, a simple haunting has a twist that not even the spirit world could have foreseen, causing the audience to take a more active role in the events of these four. Can you help the living avoid an even worse fate than death? Do you dare try?


“Blends up escape rooms, immersive theatre, and a mystery with a clever conceit, unusually intimate audience size, and strong, nuanced acting.”


“It simply refuses to be put into tidy little categories.”

“The Shadow Space manages to invent a rather brilliant format.”


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