ZOE In Bally's Las Vegas_ZOE outside Bally's Las Vegas_Credit Sean Jorgensen.jpg

Zoe is an incredibly scary and fun adventure conveniently located in the heart of the Vegas Strip. Playing Zoe is like stepping into your own role in a real life scary movie. It’s puzzles, storytelling, scares and fun all in one place. I was impressed with the set design, props, puzzles and staff. They really nailed the set-up and scare pattern that works so well in horror. I especially love that final memory the guests leave with, not only is it visually stunning but it’s heightened by the fear in that moment. It is a fun experience for anyone that enjoys a bit of a fright. I highly recommend Zoe for beginners and escape room enthusiasts alike.

Interior Zoe with Players_Credit Sean Jorgensen.jpg

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