ESCAPE ROOMS – Escapology: Assassination Express – Ohio


Assassination Express, or as my husband likes to call it The FDR Room, was infinitely more fun than I expected. I’m usually a whimsical magic or dark horror fan and anything too historical or educational tends to leave me a bit bored, however this was exciting. 

We were first impressed by the professional lobby and the amount of space. Then the concept of the Time Displacement Institute made me a bit giddy. I think it’s wonderful that the company has an ongoing theme that allows for each game to still be drastically different yet tied together. Then the intro video experience set up a fun adventure. The game itself was beautiful done. It looked like a train car complete with windows showing the landscape passing by. It was impressive to say the least. The props that were strictly decorative seemed to be secured to the set for the most part. They did a wonderful job of presenting the 1930’s. There was a good amount of puzzles, mostly traditional locks with some surprises. It seems like a good challenge for beginning and intermediate players. We completed our mission to stop the bomb and saved history, but most importantly we had fun doing it. 

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